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Physiology Labs

Several lab rooms to record top-quality EEG, physiology, goosebumps, or eye movements and blink rates from individual participants while they watch or listen to selected… Read More »Physiology Labs


46-seat performance venue for live performances and playback of audio only and audio-visual stimuli. Infrared and daylight cameras to record stage and auditorium, audio recording… Read More »ArtLab


Scannexus is a facility housing three ultra-high-field MRI scanners (3, 7, and 9.4 Tesla), as well as laboratories for physiological, psychopharmacological, behavioral, and psychophysical research. … Read More »Scannexus

Fabrication Lab

AUTH has fabrication facilities that could be provided to artists in order to create digitally designed and fabricated prototypes and elements. The School of Architecture… Read More »Fabrication Lab