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Facilities & Technologies

Technologies software

ReSilence offers a plethora of techniques and tools to create representations from urban sounds that can be used as design instruments by adapting morphological characteristics of a city. Those technologies include amongst others GANs, technologies towards feeling sound through touch and hearing it through bone conduction. Sound classification algorithms and techniques of machine-learning-based source separation that can be mapped to haptic stimulation. Multilingual technologies such as concept extraction, sentiment analysis and text generation. Web applications that run on smartphones and tablets and generative and interactive sound systems for eMobility, VR/AR and virtual assistance.

Facilities & Hardware

Consortium partners offer a diverse set of facilities, hardware and instruments. Those consist of neuroimaging and neurostimulation labοratories that can record both signals and structure of cerebral cortices ,as well as brain stimuli, using a variety of methods. Facilities housing ultra-high-field MRI scanners as well as physiological, psychopharmacological and behavioral aboratories. Infrastructure supporting the synchronized recording of multimodal signals of full-body behavior.  Infrared and daylight cameras, microphones, wearable sensors and 2 production studios for mixing 3D-Sound as well as fabrication facilities housing 3D printers and milling/cutting machines.

Photo: MPIEA / Felix Bernoully