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ReSilence overview

As part of the S+T+ARTS program, Resilence in collaboration with artists is developing technologies to shape in novel ways our urban environments and soundscapes, re-positioning the role of silence and that of sound. To design the soundscape of future cities, ReSilence project supports the development of art-driven technologies in the spirit of S+T+ARTS through the collaboration of artists, architects, urban designers, scientists, engineers and researchers.

Open Call for STARTS residencies

ReSilence offers 40,000 euro stipends to selected artists as well as 80,000 euro to SMEs (of which 30% must also go directly to an artist to aid production of related works).Project proposals should investigate one of four Pilot Use Cases (PUCs) along with the challenges and opportunities sound and related media offers to urban futures to create artworks and stimulate public dialogue through exhibitions, communication initiatives and/or industry collaborations. The duration of the residency may vary and it is expected to be between 12-18 months.

There are four different research challenges (PUCs) where artists can develop their ideas:

Musical experience design

Concerts are much more than just the music they feature. Technology brings new ways of enabling participation in concerts– on site and remote. This enables the broadening and deepening of audience experience.

The New Silence (Sound and mobility)

Electric cars are introducing a new silence in the city. How we can design the interior/exterior car sound, as a combination of ambiance and an audio interface in order to improve security and quality experience in mobility.

Sound of urban spaces

One aspect affecting the quality of urban life is sound. Analogous to visual city planning, a soundscape approach can be applied in order to analyse the form and sound of existing spaces, measure its quality and effects on citizens.

Full-Body Sound Experience

Traditionally we expect that sound is experienced through our ears. However, nowadays we have the ability to create tools and wearables that can support a full-body approach in experiencing music and sound.


On Thursday 19th of January the ReSilence open call webinar was completed. During the webinar a short introduction about the project was presented as well as the technologies and facilities offered by ReSilence partners. The webinar concluded with the application proccess and QA. You can rewatch our webinar in the video below.