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Resilence Residencies

ReSilence will lead a series of S+T+ARTS residencies, which will be cross-disciplinary and of a collaborative nature. They offer no fixed accommodation, but artists in type a projects will be given the opportunity to engage with the consortium members and travel to partner laboratories, research hubs and meetings. For the type b projects, artists and SMEs will work together to design their own collaborative residency structure, introducing new technologies and becoming the leaders of their own programme, which will then influence the research being done by the consortium, which will support them throughout the process. ReSilence will structure S+T+ARTS residencies which could last for up to 12 months. This long-term approach adds incentive for outstanding artists to apply, enhances the potential for excellent transferable results and allows time for residents to integrate into the research framework and for the consortium and SMEs to learn from the artists and support their projects on a deeper level. Furthermore, it reflects the very notion of a S+T+ARTS project.