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Photo: MPIEA / Felix Bernoully

46-seat performance venue for live performances and playback of audio only and audio-visual stimuli. Infrared and daylight cameras to record stage and auditorium, audio recording possible. Behaviour and experience of performers and audience members can be measured via video recording (e.g., qualitative and automated analysis of movement, movement synchrony, or facial expression of emotions), questionnaires (on tablet computers, can be provided during and after pieces or after the entire performance), and physiological recording (e.g., heart rate, rate and depth of breathing, skin conductance, blood pressure, facial muscles –– “smiling” and “frowning” muscle ––, one to eight channel EEG).

Biosignal Plux devices

Small, mobile devices for recording up to eight signals from one participant simultaneously (physiological signals such as heart, breathing, skin conductance, facial muscles, muscle tension, movement). We have 90 of them and use them in the ArtLab or in other places / concert halls.