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Expected Results

New knowledge and improved practices for application of advanced technologies of exploring the borders between music and sound and their role in placemaking. Resilience solutions will enable the benefit from AI technologies applied to the creative industries by creating: 

  • Guidelines and standards developed to increase the active experience of citizens and to socialize the individual and collective experience of music and sound.  
  • New courses and materials developed based on research findings generated through the project  
  • Market opportunities within urban planning and how cities position themselves in the market ―city marketing‘‘ 
  •  New job opportunities for creative industries  
  • Approaches will be tested within at least 2target groups with specific needs. This will lead to better outcomes compared to conventional methods already in use.

Expected Impact


  • By developing a virtual reality application to allow users to experience a wide range of sonic environments when they walk along different trails in virtual environments.  
  • Enrich scientific community with knowledge and best practices related to Al based soundscapes, EEG and physiological signal analysis for emotion recognition and behavior, and the technologies developed about dynamic sound enhanced XR environments.


  • Sustainable business models with cross sector collaborations, public and private partnerships within creative industries and local authorities.
  • Increasing environment friendly innovation, capacity, resilience, sustainability, and global competitiveness of EU digital technologies 


  • Improved cross-sector collaboration between artists, researchers, and technology developers.  
  • Increase social inclusiveness at societal level by building a bridge through novel technologies between marginalized social groups such as disabled and elderly to cultural and music events