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Project Structure

The project has set 7 main objectives that the project activities will be aiming to achieve:
Title: Project management and coordination

Lead beneficiary: CERTH

The objectives of this WP are to ensure the achievement of the project objectives on time, within budget and with a high degree of success. Project management will monitor task and WP progress and revise reports and deliverables.Periodic management and financial reporting will demonstrate that the project is proceeding as planned, and that contingencies are mitigated. A quality assurance plan will be set in place to specify and guarantee correct completion of project objectives. Innovation management will keep track of exploitable outcomes and guide them towards marketable technological solutions or services.

Title: Art-Driven Experiments and societal needs

Lead beneficiary: MPG

The goal of this objective is to support the collaboration between artists, users and technology industry in human-centered design projects. ReSilence will try to build bridges between artists and scientific and technological experts. Series of webinars and workshops are going to take place involving both the artists and technology providers in an exercise of knowledge transfer and understanding of the way each side thinks and works. Through this WP artists will help in a) defining requirements that meet the societal needs of each use case scenario of ReSilence b) the development of human understandable interfaces of ReSilence technologies.

Title: AI-based interactive technologies

Lead beneficiary: UNIGE

The objective of this WP is to develop algorithms for real-time interactions in the immersive project use cases.

Title: Technologies for soundscape experience assessment

Lead beneficiary: MU

The goal of this WP is to create tools and technologies for soundscape experience assessment.

Title: Art-driven experimentation toolkit development

Lead beneficiary: CERTH

The goal of WP5 is the development of ReSilence tools, in means of system architecture, communication and integration.

Title: Use case scenarios and evaluation

Lead beneficiary: AUTH

The main objectives of this WP are (1) to define, design and specify the pilot use cases, (2) to specify and refine the user requirements and challenges (urban and societal) for the use cases, (3) to communicate and explain the requirements to technical partners and (4) evaluate the ReSilence solutions.

Title: Dissemination/exploitation

Lead beneficiary: WESOUND GmbH

WP7 aims at the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project.

Title: Ethics requirements

Lead beneficiary: CERTH

The objective is to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.

Project Structure Diagram