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Maurice Benayoun was at the forefront of significant innovation in the field of new media, creating one the 1st TV series made of computer graphics (QUARXS), developing technologies related to interactive museography and interactive media art. This includes VR, AR, AI, EEG, Blockchain… Produced together with collaborators from diverse fields of creation and research, MoBen’s work includes large scale urban installations and artistic interventions in more than 25 countries, Museums, Festivals. 

The collaboration will explore the sound design of the mobility from functional sonification to fictional and artistic design of our daily experience of traveling. The objective is to enrich with the sound a world that is leaving the mechanical/chemical era to a less intrusive and invasive experience of sound in teh city. Can electric vehicles recover vital auditory functions? Can they become a sound/music instrument that allows playing reality to become an enhanced experience of daily life?