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AUTH – Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis is established in Thessaloniki, at University Campus Administration Bureau, 54124, Greece, is the representative of the academic architecture user group. AUTH can incorporate both theoretical and design concepts to academic activities, courses and lectures. Additionally, as an academic institution it has the capacity, knowledge and facilities to organise and realise design workshops utilising tools and data, with the involvement of large amounts of members (students and faculty) within its academic community. AUTH architects can utilise artist developed tools as well as input from artistic work related to sound and music and incorporate it in the process of design at architectural and urban scales and articulate coherent design proposals. Artistic input can be used either conceptually, as inspiration or be directly processed and manipulated so as to articulate design schemes. AUTH will be involved in design related use case scenarios at architectural and urban scales and definition of user requirements. Moreover, AUTH will perform academic training and evaluation iterations of ReSilence prototypes, as well as showcase and demonstrate design workflows using ReSilence tools for architects and give feedback to support the development of related tools.